Samstag, Dezember 17, 2005


He Courtney and Jim with Duke my love, Elke and Hugh,

I managed to put the following pictures online. I still cannot believe it! Sorry, for letting you wait fro such a long time!

Enjoy! X and O Amelie.

Arrival at the Firestation Ladder 116, NY, Queens

Sign at the front

Engine 1

From behind:

Engine 2, for Collapse

From behind:

A memorial for 2 firefighters who worked at this station some years ago and died at 9.11.2001 at the WTC.

Jacket and helmets:

Logo for the fallen heros:

My favorite picture: :-)

The firemen Jim

and the boss:

The dorms:

A special bed for the chauf!!! (The guy at the picture in the gym!)

And finaly, myself as a firefighter:

Thank you so much, Courtney, Jim and all the fireguys!!!


Fabian hat gesagt…

Die Feuerwehrleute haben einen Totenkopf auf dem Kühlergrill? Einen Totenkopf? Die Feuerwehrleute?

Das wäre ja, als hätten Nonnen einen Pimmel auf ihrer Orgel.

Dr Sno* hat gesagt…


Donke für's Mich-Linken Amelie. »Sprechstunde« wäre übrigens ein genialer Titel gewesen! ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Amelie; What a great job with the Fire photos. Well worth the wait, I really enjoyed how you put it all together, will pass it on to the guys at the station. Take care; Jim