Freitag, Oktober 21, 2005


I gonna cry, cause I have to leave the states. :-(

After going to a fascinating rolling jazztour to harlem and a drink with Arif at the russian vodka bar yesterday night I am almost ready to go to the airport.
There will be no more time to answering all the nice mail you sent me during the last days. I am sorry.

But first I have a 3rd appointment at the beauty saloon at main street.

Then I have to pack the rest of all my stuff, go to fed ex and send a big box with all the souvenirs and presents for my beloved at home to Germany.
At 10:30 british time I am going to land at Heathrow again. Hope there will be not as much trouble as there was 3 month ago. Du you rembember? And then I go to the Center of London again. I will stay there for 5 days at one of my geman friend: Christian.

Okay, I will not be online for a couple of days. But back in Germany I will surely put all the missing fotos and a 2nd London report online.

Love to all of you and talk to you soon.


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Elke hat gesagt…

We all needed the "morning after pill" after you left us. :-(
All of us at the office feel empty and sad. You were such a cheery person who we all appreciated a lot.
Enjoy London. Funny, I just talked to you on your "Jack the Ripper" tour. Good to hear your voice.
Lots of kisses from the entire office. Your buddies in Melville